9th Jan. 2013

The rhinoplasty patient journey

The Nose is the most prominent feature of your face – it can define who you are. Your face is composed of an abundance of subtleties, some of which get more attention than others. As we communicate, we look into each other’s eyes or at the lips. Right in the centre of this triangle of communication is the nose. A nose that is too big or crooked, with a hump on the bridge, or a heavy plunging tip, quickly draws the observer’s attention. Our view gets distracted from the eyes and the lips, which substantially reduces the appeal of a beautiful and well-balanced face.

PIEZO Rhinoplasty, also referred to as Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, is a new technology that has revolutionised the world of medicine by allowing surgeons to create more refined nasal contours and cut bone without the need to break them anymore. For over 100 years, rhinoplasty surgeons had to rely on the same principle, using a hammer and a chisel to break your bones to permit bone movement and other forms of altering. Ultrasonic technology opened up a new era of delicate treatment options for aesthetic bone refinement. Piezo uses highly selective technology which allows changes to be made to the bone, without causing any trauma to adjacent tissue. Patients benefit from significantly less pain, bruising, and swelling after Piezo Rhinoplasty, and have an overall reduced post-operative downtime.

Mr. Bran has extensive experience in Piezo Rhinoplasty and is frequently invited to meetings in order to share his expertise and to train colleagues in Piezo Rhinoplasty.