Fractures of the nasal bone are the most common fractures in our body. It is not uncommon to overlook a broken nasal bone because of initial bruising and swelling. Because of that, fractures of the nasal bone frequently remain untreated or under-treated, leaving tell-tale signs of a previous accident. This can not only be a cosmetic concern, but also affect breathing through your nose.

In order to achieve the best possible result, seeing an experienced specialist shortly after the initial accident is strongly recommended. During consultation you will be asked about the accident. Make sure to bring photographs of your nose prior to the accident, as this will help us appreciate your cosmetic desires. We will then examine your nose meticulously. Besides obvious changes to the outside appearance of the nose (i.e. swelling or a dent), any significant complications inside the nose must be ruled out (i.e. septal hematoma). Timing of your surgical procedure is important and will strongly depend on our clinical findings.

Restoration of a natural cosmetic result and unobstructed nasal breathing are the main objectives for your procedure. For this, an individual surgical plan is established for each patient.