There is a shift taking place in aesthetic medicine…
The new generation of non-surgical treatments offers a broad spectrum of solutions that convince through safety, precision, longevity of results and patient satisfaction.

By either working on your facial muscles, hydrating your skin from within, restoring youthful proportions or stimulating a boost of your own collagen production through all-natural therapeutic options, the horizon of non-surgical options is vastly expanding.

Mr. Bran has been training his peers on non-surgical therapies for years. He has established new treatments and refers to the spectrum of injectables as THE LIQUID KNIFE – allowing us to prevent aging and rejuvenate a face without surgery.

“I use the LIQUID KNIFE whenever my patients are looking for a safe and reliable enhancement with a minimum of downtime. A good result is always subtle and discreet, maintaining facial expression and highlighting attractive features of the face.” – Greg Bran –

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