Welcome to GB Aesthetics

We feel very privileged for having patients that are willing to travel “the extra mile” in order to experience expert care in a private and convenient setting. Our team warmly welcomes out of town and international patients and will gladly assist you to ensure your surgical experience is worry-free and safe.

In order to accommodate our out of town patients we offer virtual consultations prior to surgery, as well as concierge plastic surgery services. Below we have outlined the typical process for out of town patients leading to your surgery day and beyond.

Step1, Greg Bran - GB Aesthetics



The first step is to contact us: info@gbaesthetics.com

Make sure to let us know what procedure(s) you are interested in, and where you live. You may submit recent photos and patient forms (e.g. medical history, previous surgery reports), or ask for a link that we will provide to you, so you can send your documents via an encrypted email service. All photos are part of your patient file and will be kept strictly confidential.

Our team will schedule an in-person consultation with your surgeon, Mr. Greg Bran, who will review your information prior to your consultation.

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Every consultation serves two purposes: (1) to listen to and evaluate your concerns, goals and hopes, and (2) to review your options and make personalized recommendations for achieving your goals. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your procedure(s) and will receive detailed information about your surgery, including all risks and benefits.

You will be provided with a summary of the consultation, including a preliminary plan of treatment. Our patient coordinator will forward you a proposal of the surgical fees, and information about 0% finance options if needed. Please note, that your final assessment and surgical fees can only be confirmed after your in-person visit Mr. Greg Bran.

Step3, Greg Bran - GB Aesthetics



After your virtual consultation is complete, you will have time to review if GB Aesthetics is a good fit for you. We advise our patients a minimum of 2 weeks between your consultation and your day of surgery – so that you had enough time evaluate If you are ready to proceed with your surgery, the next step will be contacting us (via phone or email) in order to schedule your surgery. Our patient coordinator will help you schedule your in-person consultation with Mr. Greg Bran, your surgery date and also, post-operative visits in our office.

To secure your surgery your surgery date you will be required to put down a deposit. The amount due will be reviewed with you during your consultation. Once your surgery is scheduled you will receive a pre-operative packet containing information and pre-operative instructions about your surgery.

It is recommended you arrive at least 1 to 2 days prior to your surgery, so that any missed laboratory work or details of your surgical plan that may require adjustments can be made without any hurry.

Patient safety is of utmost importance to us. We may therefore require pre-operative lab work and in some cases, we may request medical clearance from your primary care physician prior to your surgery. We will be happy providing you with relevant details after your first consultation.

Our team will gladly assist you with information about your specific aftercare, book your follow-up consultations (both in-person and via Skype), and help you finding an accommodation that will suit you. GB Aesthetics has special arrangements with a spectrum of hotels in Marylebone and Chelsea. If you prefer to stay in an Air BnB we strongly recommend to make your reservation well in advance as these get booked quickly throughout the year.

Our staff will be able to offer you a list of recommended restaurants around the area of your stay, and around the hospital for anybody who will be travelling with you.


Major international airport. Make sure to use the Heathrow Express – a 15min train ride from the airport directly into London Paddington Station.

International airport located in the Royal Docks, east of the City of London

International airport, located approximately 42miles northeast of Central London


London’s iconic black cabs, the only taxis you can hail on the street. All drivers have to learn approximately 320 routes through 25,000 streets off by heart, before passing “the knowledge”. Training takes about 3 years and no one knows the streets of London better as the black cabbies.

As a app-based alternative to the black cabs you may consider using Uber. All drivers rely on navigation systems and tend to cancel on a client, especially during rush hours.

London’s tube was the world’s first underground passenger railway. You can either get an OYSTER-Card or pay simply with your Credit Card when getting on and off the tube. Try to avoid using the tube in Central London at the end of a business day, as all commuters will be on their way home.