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Have you ever, unexpectedly caught your reflection in the mirror and wondered, who’s that? With the signs of aging contradicting your inner age and the biological clock you want to tick to…

Your face is the canvas of the life you have already lived, wouldn’t it be nice to create some more space on that canvas, because you’re not done yet, are you? The idea, that you can turn back the hands of time, to look fresh and youthful is highly appealing and seems not only to be a matter of vanity but equally of professional relevance.


GB Aesthetics, has a treatment that can deliver - a natural therapy (bar the needle and centrifuge (spinning machine) that will result in a long lasting, healthy glow. The added benefit, is baby feeling skin!

All the ingredients for this incredible result, are within you, your blood carries your very own, personalised treatment. Unique to your own DNA.


Results found, 9-12 months post treatment, include the following:

[ + ] Improvement of skin firmness

[ + ] Improvement of skin elasticity

[ + ] Increased collagen production in your skin

[ + ] Increase of elastin in your skin (think spandex for your skin)

[ + ] Increased stem cell turnover in your skin

[ + ] Increased water retention in your skin (hydration)

[ + ] Patient’s skin looked far less tired


One of the key factors for aging is the chronic inflammatory reaction of your skin, which decreases tissue quality.

The result? Thinner skin that has dried out and lost its spandex. Creases, lines and folds begin to appear… your youthful glow, is a thing of the past.

The unique EdS®-protocol is the scientific basis for your NAtural Baby FAce Brilliance. This procedure enables us to extract a potent serum from your own blood, which begins to reduce the chronic inflammatory reaction in your skin, from the moment it is injected.

In contrast to traditional PRP-treatments NAB FAB has a unique safety profile. The serum is cell-free and without any additives, therefore we can deliver a truly natural treatment.


This is the process to create your very own NAB FAB serum:

  • Blood is taken from the vein, in the morning;
  • We then incubate your blood for 6 hours. In this period, the cells in your blood become activated and release anti-inflammatory proteins (Cytokines) in a very high concentration;
  • After 6 hours of incubation, your blood is spun;
  • The result, two different layers in the tubes: a dark red bottom portion, containing all blood cells, and a yellowish liquid on top – your NAB FAB serum.
  • You return to GB Aesthetics for your treatment in the afternoon;
  • In this session, we apply numbing cream to your face, this is for added comfort;
  • After cleaning your face from the numbing cream, the serum is injected into your skin using microinjections, placed 1cm apart.
  • At the end of your treatment, you will see an instant glow and shine, the serum has begun its anti-inflammatory work and this will continue.

We recommend a course of three to four sessions, each being two weeks apart, to achieve the optimum outcome: a continuous improvement of your skin for 9-12 months.

We strongly believe in the concept of aging gracefully and naturally at GB Aesthetics.

So if you are looking for the next-generation secret to youthful and glowing skin, book your NAB FAB consultation, now.