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We all know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. When it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty in an urban place like London, that “beholder” may not just refer to a personal preference, but the preference of an entire ethnicity. All of this is based on a phenomenon called “Koniophilia”, or the love for the average. Beauty in a population is defined by an average that results from all the people in that particular group.

Our nose is the most prominent feature in our face. No other cosmetic surgery can impact the look and the characteristics of an entire face like rhinoplasty. The goal of an ethnic rhinoplasty is to subtly enhance the appearance of the nose, without interfering with the heritage of your face.

Success in ethnic rhinoplasty is based on a thorough understanding of the common anatomical nuances of each ethnicity. Thickness of the nasal skin, support of cartilage structures that define the tip and definition of the nasal bridge share patterns within certain ethnicities.

During your consultation, Mr. Bran will ask you about your aesthetic expectations of a cosmetic rhinoplasty. He will then explain all anatomical details of your nose, that characterize it’s ethnical heritage. In order to address your goals an individual surgical plan will be then tailored and explained to you in detail.


Commonly requested goals in ethnic rhinoplasty include an increase in height of a flattened nasal bridge and/or nasalt tip, or a narrowing of the nostrils for a softer look. Increasing the projection of the nasal profile requires reliable material, that can be used for augmentation. Mr. Bran believes in natural augmentation with cartilage grafts and patient’s tissue. Depending on the amount of cartilage required for augmentation rhinoplasty, rib cartilage might be the preferred option for creating a natural looking and long-lasting result. The goal is always to enhance the appearance of the nasal contours in order to create improved facial harmony and balance.

Mr. Bran is happy to share his experience in ethnic rhinoplasty with you during a consultation. He will be able to answer your questions and explain which details of the procedure will help achieving your goals.


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