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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, or briefly just PIEZO Rhinoplasty, is a new technology that obviated the need for breaking of your nasal bones. During almost every rhinoplasty, the nasal bones need to be reshaped or moved in order to accomplish a finer contour. For over 100 years, rhinoplasty surgeons had to rely on the same principle, using a hammer and a chisel to break your bones so that they could be moved and narrowed. Ultrasonic technology opened a new era of delicate treatment options for aesthetic bone alterations.

PIEZO Rhinoplasty is based on a motorized device, that uses ultrasonic energy in order to alter the shape of your nasal bone. The exceptional characteristic of this technology is, that the ultrasonic energy only affects the hard tissue like your bones, with no injury to any other tissue.


Piezo Rhinoplasty was initially popularised by the French rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Olivier Gerbault. In cooperation with the German rhinoplasty expert Dr. Milos Kovacevic, they developed the full open approach that enabled this new technology to revolutionize the rhinoplasty world ever since.

Kovacevic and Gerbault are both innovators and continue to develop new methods and instruments, that ameliorate the intraoperative handling, leading to more refined results.

Mr. Bran calls Milos Kovacevic a good friend and teacher for many years. He was able to learn this new technique first hand and has been using it ever since.

Mr. Bran has extensive experience with this new technology. Contact GB Aesthetics to set up your ultrasonic rhinoplasty consultation. During this time, Mr. Bran will hear your goals for the surgery and explain how using PIEZO technology will help to meet your needs with the most natural results.


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