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The decision to have rhinoplasty surgery is no easy feat. It is something that people often meditate on for years before even telling anyone. Why? First, because going under the knife is a big step for anyone, and second your nose has a great impact on the overall appearance of your face.

Your rhinoplasty surgery should not just be one short consultation to meet your surgeon and book the date for operation thereafter. We believe it is a process, based on building your trust for the rhinoplasty expert and his team and equally a learning opportunity to appreciate what you wish to achieve from this surgery.

In this post you we will help you gaining a better understanding of the process we decided to present you with the cornerstones of our rhinoplasty patient journey.

It is a lengthy read, but we are committed to offer you the information you need, without flooding you with too many details.



This consultation serves two purposes:

  1. You will understand why your nose is that shape that it is;
  2. An opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals.

To your consultation, please bring:

[ + ]      History of previous surgeries;;

[ + ]      In case of a revision rhinoplasty;

[ + ]      History of past and present medical conditions;

[ + ]      List of medication previously and presently on and any known allergies.

After discussing your medical history, Mr Bran will ask you to point out the details, regarding your nose, that bother you. This can include both aesthetic features and/or functional complaints.

He will then go through a thorough physical examination of your nose, both exterior and interior. We will then take photos of your face from different angles and upload them onto a computer so as to analyse them.

It is of utmost importance to understand your cosmetic goals. For that reason, we will morph your photos. This process will help you understand, what outcome can be realistically expected, based on your anatomy and physical characteristics.



This plan will be agreed upon and confirmed by you and Mr. Bran, he will explain the details of each step for your operation.

This plan serves only as a guide as the anatomy of the nose is highly versatile and complex. In particular for cases of revision rhinoplasties, therefore it is impossible to anticipate every detail before surgery and what will need to be done in theatre to achieve your aesthetic goal.



On completion of your initial consultation and agreement of surgical plan, you will be provided with a summary of your treatment plan and your original and morphed photographs.

This will give you an opportunity to reflect on the consultation with all the information in hand. At GB Aesthetics, we encourage all patients to take their time before making the decision to have surgery. Therefore, we arm you with all relevant information and also an invoice with the full cost of your surgery.



It is important to reflect on the wealth of information you received during your initial consultation. Hopefully in the time you will have had to reflect, you will have thought of more specific questions.

During the second consultation, we will again review your photos, your surgical plan and the aesthetic goals. You should only pay the deposit and book surgery if you are fully confident and happy to proceed.



You will receive a guide with preoperative instructions which will help you prepare for your surgery. You will also receive several of telephone numbers of contact, including  his Personal Assistant’s mobile number and the number of your hospital.

In case of any uncertainty, you will can always contact GB Aesthetics or Mr. Bran’s PA.

You will be required to have a medical screening and blood tests. The results will determine your fitness for surgery.

Your to do list prior to surgery involves the following:

[ + ]      Stop smoking 8 weeks before your surgery;

[ + ]      Avoid Aspiring, certain anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal medications that will increase your risk for bleeding (you will receive a list of products to avoid well in advance)

[ + ]      Drink at least 2l of water on both days before your surgery.



On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at your private hospital several hours before your operation.

Mr. Bran will see you before your procedure and go through the set goals with you in detail, so that you can feel assured.

Rhinoplasty is typically carried out under general anaesthesia. For your safety, various monitors will check your heart, pulse, blood pressure and amount of oxygen in your body.

The surgery usually takes between 2 to 4 hours, after surgery you will be taken into a recovery area, where specialised staff will closely monitor you.

You will have a plaster cast on your nose and thin silicone rubber sheaths inside your nose. Initially, breathing through your nose will be possible, until the postoperative swelling sets in. You may feel blocked for several days.

Both, cast and silicone splints are required for approximately seven days. The cast protects the bones in their newly set position, while the silicone splints secure the correct lining inside your nose.

Further information on how to optimize your recovery are explained in your rhinoplasty patient guide.



The swelling increases usually within the first 48 hours after surgery.

Bruising is usually minimal but can extend around your lower eyelids and cheeks.

Both bruising and swelling should be gone after the first week to 10 days.

Approximately one week after surgery, you will be required to attend our practice for your first post-operative visit.

During this appointment, all your bandages (cast and silicone splints) and stitches will be removed. Although your nose will still be swollen, you will be able to appreciate the changes.

It is important to remember, that the initial shape of your new nose is not the final one. The swelling will remain visible for several months. Healing takes up to a year, with subtle changes in the last six months of this healing period.

You will be booked for regular assessments with Mr. Bran during the first year after your surgery.