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Jamie Hatchett

Model, Sales Director


Eve Salvail Testimonial Revision Rhinoplasty


Supermodel, DJ Canada


My name is Eve Salvail. I am a well known fashion model. I had my first rhinoplasty 30 years ago. I gave Dr. Bran the considerable challenge to perform revision surgery on my nose aiming for a result that would not make me look different from all my previous photos.

He excelled with flying stars. My own mother did not notice the difference else than saying that I looked beautiful and awfully rested. Dr. Greg Bran is not only talented, meticulous and sweet, he is a true artist.

I make a point to stop by his office each time I come to London for my touch ups (he keeps me young... see me @evesalvail) for Botox and filler.

Thank you Dr. Bran for all the youth you brought back into my life and on to my face!


D. M.


I had my first rhinoplasty performed abroad in 2016. The result was a not very good. Before the surgery, I only had a slight hump, but after the procedure, my nose was crooked with a ski-slope in profile and you could also see my nostrils from the side .

I was horrified just thinking about another operation, but the idea of living with this result made me very unhappy. My search for an experienced surgeon took me a long time. I found this surgeon through a recommendation of a friend of mine. She had her nose operated by Dr. Bran and I really liked her nose.

After the first few minutes of my consultation I was already very confident having found the right surgeon for my revision surgery. Dr. Bran is very friendly, patient, easy to talk to and a perfectionist. After the surgery, I hardly had any pain or bruising. The result is fantastic. I feel much better seeing myself on photos now, I love my new nose.



Olympic Medalist, Fitness Influencer USA

I flew to London to see Dr. Greg based on a recommendation from a friend in NYC. He was super professional & knowledgable .

He did not disappoint with my results, he helped me achieve exactly what I was looking for. Now I'm addicted.

F. C.


I decided to make one of the biggest decisions a person can make. The decision of undertaking cosmetic surgery is one that will remain with you for the rest of your life, thus choosing your surgeon to make this change for you is vital.

I met many surgeons before I chose Dr GB. I had consultations in the UK and overseas. I explored all my options. I took into consideration experience of the surgeon, recovery time, which rhinoplasty was chosen, reviews from previous patients, aftercare, etc. However, Dr GB went beyond my expectation during my initial consultation with him. He covered aspects which I had not even considered, aspects which were not necessary but useful i.e. why the abnormalities were present to begin with.

All you need is one meeting with your surgeon. In that initial consultation if you don’t feel confident, move on. A Harley Street surgeon in itself speaks volume, however I’ll still say for everyone looking to do rhinoplasty, (I had open rhinoplasty) that I would strongly advice for you to look no further and book your consultation with Dr GB, for I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

K. L.


I was considering surgery because I didn’t like the apearance of my nose and my upper lip. My nose was too big and had a hump and my upper lip was too thin. Dr. Bran performed Rhinoplasty and combined it with a Lip Lift.
I am so happy with the result. Both my nose and lips look natural and in my eyes are so much nicer than before the surgery. When I went back to work, some of my colleagues hadn’t noticed that I had had surgery but were giving me compliments and saying that I somehow, look better!
Dr. Bran, spends a lot of time with his patients, and makes sure he understands what exactly his patients are hoping to achieve. He goes through every detail of the surgery with you and gives you a realistic idea of what the outcome of surgery will be. He is very meticulous in his work and warm hearted to his patients. Prior to my consultation with Dr. Bran, I saw several other surgeons for consultations. After meeting him, I immediately knew that he was the right surgeon for me.
Dr. Bran has changed the prominent features of my face and given me the shapes I have always wanted.


Model, Sales Director



I’ve worked in and out of the fashion industry for over 20 years. Being 42 years young, I noticed some things in the mirror that I didn’t like and that were bothering me.
Based on a recommendation, I decided to make an appointment with Doctor Greg.
I have to say, I was completely blown away with his consultation and I’ve never looked back since.
This doctor is all about lifestyle, getting to know you on a personal level inside out.
Doctor Bran went into every single topic about non-surgical treatments like Botox and Fillers, making it look as natural as possible ..
I’ve extensive experience in hospitality and client relations, to me this is so important. Having a relationship with someone you trust is key.
I decided to have Botox and Fillers and I’ve never been so happy.
We took it step by step and followed up within two weeks after the procedures.
Doctor Bran absolutely nailed it, I didn’t like my crows feet, my bags and my forehead.
We also discussed diet and he suggested changes that completely changed the texture of my skin.
As a man, some men shy away and won’t tell their stories, however for me it was important I shared mine because of the professionalism, experience and care this doctor puts into his work.
Everyone noticed a change, a fresher, younger me and now I’ve sent my entire family to this doctor because of how much I trust him.
I’ve never felt or looked better.  Thank you so much Doctor Greg ...  you changed my complete outlook on taking care of oneself ... life changing.



With overwhelming choice, choosing your surgeon can seem extremely difficult and confusing, who to trust with your face. By the end of my first consultation with Greg, my decision had been made with confidence.

Greg will explain everything to you that makes you feel so included and at ease. He told me to find a surgeon you can trust, and in him I did. Any question was answered, before surgery and continuously afterwards. Not only did he exceed my expectation with the results but his bedside manner is truly one of a kind.

Surgery can be a daunting experience; such a huge decision and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful that I found Greg. He made my experience as easy as possible with such positivity from start to finish. I am so thankful!